Beaufort Executive Airport - Ground Leases Available

12/01/20 10:00 AM

BEAUFORT, SC — Beaufort County Council recently approved a lease template to be used by the airport in negotiation with potential aircraft hangar developers.

The airport is opening an initial phase of development area and seeks the following from potential developers:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) to develop aircraft hangar facility; LOI must include:
    • Description of hangar and proposed aeronautical use (personal, business, etc.);
    • Type(s) of aircraft that will be housed in hangar;
    • Estimated amount of activity and estimated annual fuel purchase from ARW;
    • Proposed lease rate (based on square foot rate per year) with minimum set at $0.25 per square foot;
    • Schedule of development;

Letters of intent will be evaluated by a committee and will be ranked according to overall best value to the airport. That ranking will establish the site selection order of preference. The airport intends to award multiple leases.

Below are an aerial overview of the airport and an exhibit showing the area discussed in this offering.

LOIs must be received by the Airports Business Manager, T. Marlene Myers, at not later than 3:00pm on December 21, 2020. A copy of the lease template may be obtained by contacting the Business Manager.